Local Delights

Flying Bird Botanical Teas is a small family-run business based out of the Bellingham area. Their hand crafted teas are 100% organic and fair trade. They grow many of their own herbs and buy as locally as possible. Some inspiration for their one of a kind tea recipes comes from ancient herbal wisdom and knowledge, creating a cup of tea that will soothe and nourish you.

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Drizzle located just next door to Village Books in Fairhaven. Drizzle is focused on high quality olives oils and vinegars, purchased from award winning producers around the world to ensure their costumers are getting the best of the best. These delicious oils and vinegars are bottled to order to provide the freshest taste.

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 Nerka Frozen at Sea This family run fishing boat has been catching and selling fish out of Sitka, AK since 1979. Their premium quality wild salmon is always hook and line caught then immediately bled and scrubbed clean, before it is flash frozen to maintain freshness. As each fish is brought aboard these local fishermen thank their catch for the meat they provide, always showing respect to the sea and creatures within.